Lilian Tula

An effervescent creative spark who specialises in results-driven web & mobile solutions.

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Bonzo Creative

After working with Karl and Phil, we realised we had more in common than a love for terrible dancing, and realised that we could really make something great work.

Early 2012, we joined forces under Bonzo Creative, where I took on the title of Creative Director.

Running a business has been a baptism of fire, and accompanied by the biggest triumphs I have ever undertaken as a professional.

I have learned in leaps and bounds, and grown not just as a creative professional, but as a confident, outspoken team player and entrepreneur.


Team Locals

Southsea afficinados Charley & Louise wanted to springboard a what’s on directory that brought the best of the area under one big, colourful beach brolly.

Their infectious enthusiasm made this into an ambitious project that required a keen, caring & loving understanding of its content and audience.

Together, we have kept a close eye on the site, and have imagined new ways to improve upon its evolving needs.

As a result, over two years in, Team Locals has a vast readership and is a well-loved local brand.



When Phil & Kane happened across our studio with the dream to create a polar themed reviewing community, we were confused. Then excited.

When feedback involved calling a yeti wise yet fierce, it spoke volumes of how dedicated we were to the immersive, visual experience.

Our work combined with some incredible marketing made Snowglo a great success, and a community that continues to thrive today.

Snowglo also got a personal endorsement from Bill Bailey. Which is fairly awesome.